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Name: JD or call me Ash Yip

Age:Turning 18 this year

School: TP Interactive media informatic(IMI)

Songs Flows My Bloodstream

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Epic post
Sunday. 5.10.09 8:19 am
Title has nothing to do with the topic today. Will be going through some topics today. Quite debating. Once in a while epic post from my blog.

Love, Money, Studies, Stardom, friendship

Which one would you pick?

Loves comes in and out your life and only true love leaves footprints behind. Love can't be described. God made it this way. It feels good to be loved and never good to undergo a one sided love. It comes in a package so it feels good because you be happy to see your loved ones staying so happy but if they are sad, you'll feel sad too because she/he is part of you already.*Roll Eyes*. Couples always say, I love you forever but it never happens but even it does,its only a small percentage. Imagine the amount of time and money you have to spend on your loved ones,lets say if your girlfriend/boyfriend always want to to pay for them or buy them stuff unless you're like me,always so stupid and silly.Sometimes during the happiest moment of your relationship, a third party comes in and spoils everything but hello, loves comes like that so you can't blame the 3rd party after all. However if the 3rd party is mature enough,she/he knows what to do and wait for another love to comes into their life. For your loved ones, sometimes you are willing to do another for him/her such as commit crimes and stuff but to think of it,she/he is nothing related to you. Imagine one day if you were to quarrel with him/her, it gonna affect your emotions everyday and just to recap,it's gonna last forever.

Money can buy you a lot of stuff and get you some things you never get and can save you from poverty.Imagine the days you have to restrict what you have to buy, troubled over tomorrow and the day after and so on. Your medical bills, school fees, your loved ones. But sometimes for money,you will do anything for it and in the end you get NOTHING. Don't even know what those people are thinking of?Sometimes, friends will even use you for money without you knowing.Money are just papers printed in colors with signs and some words on it just that it is recognized as the term "Money". For this term,i experienced it the most and got the most negative ones.Sometimes just because they are rich, they go gambling, prostituting and even to the extent of bribing people and this caused you to change in person and never the same before. But come on,who doesn't need money? Just a fine line between needing money and WANTS money.

Studies is very important to the society in "recent" years *Roll Eyes*. Guess what, everything has changed, pick up a stone and throw it to anybody and you will hit a poly graduate. It doesn't really matters if you got a certificate now and might as well work in some MLM companies to earn money and sometimes, even earn more than those with better qualifications but hey, with a certificate, some people will respect you more and not looking down on you because they want A-List people to be their friends. But can studies bring you happiness? NO. Being a graduate and living a unhappy life, how does it benefits you. Instead,it ruins your mind everyday and making you more stress up,causing you to fall sick.

Stardom is what most people yearns for and same goes for me(will never happen). Getting those pops/heats from the fans/haters makes it more interesting. Getting so much exposure to the people out there and sometimes, getting your life so fucked up because haters speak as if they know you personally but hey, ever heard of constructive criticism?Getting abit out of point though. You earn big moneys with stardom but some people actually slept their way through to get it. Same goes for this, stardom never bring you happiness. It just about popularity. People are willing to give up anything for stardom. Also as an artist, you can't speak your mind because the reporters can always make a buzz out of it and you be stressed over it. Being so busy everyday and can't do the things you want, work till die is it?

Everybody has friends and they never fail to lit up each others life everyday but sometimes, it never goes your way as you tends to quarrel with your friends at times and sometimes, even get back stab by them . What make it worker is that this people never treat you as a real friend from the start? However,if you met some good ones,you be real happy. You can make bonds with anybody and become good friends but hello, people move on with life and soon, you won't contact as much and from good friends become friends and soon,become friends that are like strangers but if one really treasure friendship seriously, he or she will move on with life and still remain good friends with each other by putting effort to maintain the friendship. This is what i called true friends. I have always put effort to maintain all my friendship regardless with just friends,good friends or best friends but the other party fails to do so and i'm left with handful of good friends.

So after all this, which one would you pick?

-I rather have nothing

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Wednesday. 5.6.09 1:07 pm
Found this two videos in my hp.LOl.its two songs i sang in kbox during December when i can barely sing so hope you all don't mind

See ya all soon =)
Loves loads

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Tuesday. 5.5.09 8:08 am
One party to maintain friendship? Only contact when need help?

Today my class was talking bout this classmate that smokes. It was sorta funny and somehow reminded me about me started about 2 months ago. But never touch it for weeks already.

Whether its the end of me or not. I hope i will not quit schooling after 3 months like what she told me.

-Promised him and her(the two person on my banner) not to smoke, drink and stuff but still, i broke the promise and did they even cared? They did =). Drank again few days ago,thought it would end all my pain but the next day i woke up,everything back to the same ground.

The person's birthday is coming in like 23 days. Make another really close and good friend that seems exactly a same person. At first,i thought that new friend was a substitute but after days of thinking, i realized that i think too much. It's just that i made another TRUE friend and it's hard to come by because of the friends i made every year and hardly every year i kept in contact with them, was it the other way round?

After getting my leather jacket,i will be almost done with my leather package.

channel u most kissable guy helper just mailed me and i get a free sample of their product for participating.

I lack confidence,even my vocal instructor felt that i was shy. I could reach the F sharp note after some struggling,it just that i didn't put much effort on it. Now she is helping me to add bass to my voice,expand my vocal range and soon, falsetto coming in. The last stage of the course,i get to record my demo in a studio if i remembered.

Writing some songs now and after i can officially sing which i doubt i can even with training, i going to step in the studio and release the few songs to friends that i composed to. You know who you are.

The first official competition i had participated was www.italentstar.com, others was just online or stuff. It was held at MOS. My fellow contestants was stunned because i gave a not so bad speech to the crowd.I remembered my speech was" Whats sup guys,my name is JD and i'm 17 this year. I am your asian sensation and so,please go to italentstar website and vote,sgm05,that got me some pops from the crowd.I was shivering all over though. This was the picture we took after the show.

I really look different last time.

Made a picture for my good friends few days ago,here it is.:

I'm losing faith,heart and soul.

Signing off.
Love ya all loads,

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Saturday. 5.2.09 1:33 am
Today my first lesson for vocal training and i can't wait for it to let the instructor hear my horrible voice.

First 4 months is foundation(Stage 1),next 4 month is singing with feel(Stage 2) and the last stage i get to sing my own demo in a studio(Last stage). All this process takes up to one year. Hopefully by then,xue 'er can help me get one contract from her music company?

Mum suggested me getting individual lessons rather than groups lesson so that the teacher can focus more on me and the money won't be wasted. hmmm

2nd week of poly comes to an end and yerp, still the same old me,shy and quiet but my classmates probe me to talk so that day,i talk alot but to me,it comes off as fake as unnatural in a way that i can't describe because its like my real nature is shy and quiet and its been like that for more than 10 year and suddenly want me to talk alot.. I just have to take a step at a time, but i will just keep trying =)

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Please vote!! =D Thanks
Thursday. 4.30.09 12:46 pm

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no words
Sunday. 4.26.09 9:10 am
No words

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